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Made by musicians for musicians and listeners - production, distribution, promotion

Kryrart Records is an independent internet-label based in Germany focusing on heavy metal and hard rock music. It is a platform for musicians, bands and artists for cooperation and common promotion. The label was founded in December 2018 by Proprius, initially as an imprint label.

Kryrart Records is a non-profit platform. This means that all music sales do not belong to the label, but to artists that own legal rights on their songs. The label itself does not distribute music to shops and does not make  any revenue. If our fans buy or stream music of a band on the label, Kryrart Records does not get the money, instead the artist/band directly. Accordingly to this model, the label does not own fully or partially any legal rights/copyright to songs of any artist on the label. All rights belong to artists/bands. Membership on the label is voluntary. Maintainance of the web site of the label is refinanced by sells/royalty payments of the music belonging to the founder of the label. 

Voluntary support or any money contributions to the label are welcome, you can do it here.

The label provides following services:

- organizes collaborations of musicians,

- connects artists for common promotion of music (cross-promotion),

- organizes promotion campains for the bands on the label,

- supports in distribution and marketing of music - Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, Pandora, YouTubeMusic and more.

- connects musitians and organizes recording of musical instruments, mixing or mastering, 

- supports in promotion of demo and promo recordings of newcomer bands,

- makes consultations concerning financial questions and income for independent artists,

- consults about the licensing of music.

The label is a platform for musicians made by musicians, involving artists from all over the globe, e.g. from Germany, Belarus, Italy, Norway, USA, Ukraine, India, Estonia, Russia. 

Kryrart Records does not support any extreme ideology and is not involved in political activities.

If you like to join Kryrart Records family or need help, contact us via email:


license agreement

You may want or need to sign a contact with the label befor starting the cooperation. Here you can download a template.  

Kryrart Records acts  as a non-profit organization, an imprint label of  a musician/songwriter Proprius and colaborators.
All payments or contributions made by paypal at bandcamp or other sites are considered as voluntary support and belong to artists. All music / releases rights  remain by its composers/arrangers or bands. 


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